The Utica Observer-Dispatch opens fire on Cuomo (and, by extension, recalcitrant state legislators)

Game on: the Utica Observer-Dispatch published an editorial agreeing with upstate Assembly Member Brindisi’s statement that the state legislature should hold a special session to enact legislation to grant children with epilepsy immediate access to cannabis.

The editorial board understands the situation. I quote (emphasis added):

Come on. This isn’t rocket science.
“I’ve heard from parents who have children suffering from seizure activity and there is a form of treatment out there, which they don’t have access to because government bureaucracy is standing in the way,” Brindisi said. “We should be moving heaven and earth to try and get this done so these parents and children don’t have to suffer.”
Politicians claim they’re trying. That’s just not good enough. Bulldoze the bureaucracy.
Try harder.

If there is really is a therapeutic use for cannabis then the appropriate response for the government is to declare that the lack of access to quality-assured cannabis is a public health emergency. However, this is a public health emergency caused by the government.   



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