The New York Times opposes the Cuomo proposal, calls on him to support the existing legislation

The New York Times today said that Governor Cuomo’s proposal to distribute cannabis through hospitals may be too restrictive and called on him to support the Gottfried/Savino bill.

The Times put forth different reasons then I identified (that it’s fundamentally unworkable since it would jeopardize federal funding of any participating hospital): the editorial board said that hospitals scattered across the state may not be sufficient to supply patients and there may not be adequate strains.

In other words, you have your pick of reasons why this proposal is a non-starter.

Cuomo has now stated that there should be a functional medical cannabis distribution system in New York. The only question is what type.

It is incumbent upon him and anyone else who opposes the Gottfried/Savino bill to explain with particularity what is the basis for their opposition. 



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